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Three Days at the Javits Center with Team Photo booth!

This was an event unlike any other we have done! First of all, we were hired by a company from France, Creations Lingerie, which is a magazine for Swimsuits and Lingerie. The event was in February at the Javits center for 3 days, plus a night Lingerie Fashion Show! We did not know what to expect from this trade show but were very excited to find out. Once we met everyone that we would be working with for the show, we knew it was going to be a great time. Everyone was so happy and nice…and then the model arrived! We had a live model posing in his underwear for all the vendors and buyers at the show to come up and take pictures with him. It was hysterical seeing some women blush and get all giggly while they were taking their pictures with the model! We also got to do something for a Photo Booth Rental in NYC that we have not been able to do before. We printed an extra copy of all the images, like what we do when making a Scrapbook, and pasted them on a poster board. This was so great because everyone got to see all the pictures from the day and the days before which I believed really helped entice people to want to take the photo’s. There were some people that came back multiple times to take pictures with the model. He changed his clothes periodically and I guess people wanted a shot with each one of his new underwear looks. We also brought props for the 2nd and 3rd day, and everyone loved them! It seemed a little awkward the first day with no props, trying to get strangers at work to take a photo with a half naked man. Then the 2nd and 3rd day we brought the props and it was the little something extra that we needed to bring people in. Between that and everyone’s positive and bubbly attitude, we got a lot of people to take photo’s throughout the course of the 3 days. Not to mention the fashion show at night! Once people had a drink in them, they could not wait to get a photo with our model. Just like any other event, like renting a photo booth for your wedding, or renting the photo booth for a corporate party, once people have a drink and some food in their system, they are all about grabbing a prop and taking tons of photo’s in the booth! After the three day event, we had already received 3 inquiries from other vendors or guests, asking about our prices and information! It was such a success that Creations Lingerie has asked us to come back for their show in August at the Javits Center in NYC! This August is super busy for Team Photo Booth and Matt Stallone Photography that we are traveling so much, but we will definitely be available for this event and would be honored to come back and work with them again soon 🙂

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